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Own Character
Nora is a sweet and strong girl. She grow up with Rover on her Home Planet. Later she feel in Love with him. 


Sometimes Rover can be very jealous but Nora loves him because that. Most time he is friendly and romantic to Nora. His best friend is Huddes. 


Huddes is bad and more brutal than the other Cats. He is strange but a good friend. He, Rover and Nora are best friends.They get to know on the mission to earth.


She is a normal cat who was adopted by an normal Family. Her owner is an little girl. She would make all for her. Just Kitty won´t this kind of life with dresses, Dolls and Squeaking little voice. 

She is the daughter of Huddes and Raven ( She love his father and mother. She will be strong like her father and pretty like her mother. But what she miss is an real family

Behind the romantic seducer prick a deformed pig Hung. Every woman he is at your feet. But when he tries to seduce Nora to annoy Rover, what happened which he did not expect.

For the period between the series.  
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