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On are much Kid vs Kat Fans
Much pictures of Kid vs Kat will be upload there. With much good artist but also much who use just bases. But Times passes and lot will change. To keep you au-date, with what is going on there. I will tell you the important and not so important stuff of here. for people who are new in this Fan-Word will find help here.

At first I must tell you there is it like on a High-School.
Love, Hate, Jealousy, strife, grief, goat, friends, siblings, lovers and much more ...

On YouTube are also much fans and artist who upload awesome videos and sometimes bad videos too. But there isn´t much going on. Not so much like on Devinatart.

For the period between the series.  
Ask Rob Boutilier

Here you can ask everything about Kid vs Kat!
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