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Darlien96- Fan Episodes

Fan Episodes
by Darlien96

Home Sweet Home
Huddes, Nora and Rover are lived by another family an earth before they flee.
Just the Family knows they are Aliens but one of the family betray they to the F.B.I. 
After they were run away they would hide from F.B.I at the next other Alien, Kat. Only one Problem, Huddes is angry with him because he killed his Brother so they hide them in a forest.

Later Rover founded there an old hut. Now they try to come home, back to Space.

Me or him
Huddes goes exploring. He needs a few parts for his new invention. Suddenly he sees someone. It is Raven. He can not believe his eyes, he has found his old love from home again. Immediately he walks toward her to address them to. Raven sees him as she jumps back into his arms. What he did not know Raven has a new one. This tries to keep secret, but this is not easy.

* *
Huddes see Raven and Mateo kissing. Raven them makes clear that it has 2 boyfriends. For Mateo is not a problem, but they are also Huddes after a while so happy because he loves Raven.

Eat and Fear
Rover and Huddes go in the dark forest to find food. Nora would also like to but can not because they should stay home to watch. She do not like it at all on that others think that they still would be an small child and can not take care of themselves. Because that she surperior a plan how to scare the boys so much that they will never go back to the dark forest. 

Nora must now go out to eat alone in the forest to get to. Only she has so much angst alone in the woods, that they dare not enter.

My daughter?
It is enough to only let himself Huddes like this that Raven has 2 boyfriends. But after he found out she is pregnant now too, since he no longer holds it. He left it but after the baby is born, he noticed that the small looks a lot like him.Raven knows this, so they want Huddes takes his daughter with him. Huddes is the responsibility not only aware and to which even comes Mateo, who is fighting strictly for custody.

just befor the small is cut from a Hexle, is both clear that if they continue such a fight still in the process will die. Raven sees her daughter and hollt out everything at the last moment. She then decides that Huddes to his duties is to provide.
It notes the small from up and calls her "Kelly"

Hard Days Night
Nora has nightmares. 
For weeks she can not sleep. Rover tried out to find her, on what to do. He tried various training exercises, but mostly after Nora is ready. Huddes tried it with different chemicals, of which Nora is only bad. Kelly will play a therapist, but it will even traumatized.

After they have given up, Kelly comes in with an idea. She has just the book "The princess and the pea" read. Then they searched Nora's sleeping place and indeed found a small stone that Nora was awake every night

I want a child
Nora has been observed for a few days Hudds and Kelly. she wants a child.Because of this Rover unfortunately not noticed, Nora must resort to other intermediaries to make him understand that she wan
ts a child. But whatever she tried, Rover does not understand. But there has understood Huddes.

As Huddes but notice that Rover will notice anything because he just goes over to him and told him everything. Still in the same night Rover goes to Nora.

(more coming soon)


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