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Production companies

The Kid vs. Kat production companies are Studio B Productions & YTV.


As Karen J Lloid said, "I storyboarded on this show for Studio B Productions from December 2006 till June 2007 completing five 11-minute episodes." As the storyboard artist, "you work and slave on a show that you probably won’t see on TV for about a year."

European broadcasting

Marc Buhaj, the Senior Vice President of Jetix Europe, said of the program: "We are excited to be part of the Kid Vs. Kat adventure with the Studio B team. The series has those quality cartoon elements found in the classics - great music and score, neat characters and crisp slapstick timing. Our main duo of Coop and Kat are set to establish one of the great ongoing cartoon rivalries. One unlucky kid with one freaky, ferocious feline creates absolute mayhem that Jetix kids across Europe will love. I have a feeling that Coop is the one who is going to need a full nine lives just to survive!"

Working title

This show was originally named Look What My Sister Dragged In.

For the period between the series.  
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